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New Storyboards

Here are a few selected quick storyboards from a recent commercial project. The storyboard process, while similar in lots of ways to the breaking down of a comic book sequence, has its own rules and criteria. And in fact these change from one job to the next, given the specific nature of each particular project. […]

Beer Poster– Just in time for Summer!

I had the fun task of creating this over-the-top superhero-style poster for the great local beer meisters Portland Brewery and their seasonal special S.M.A.S.H. Pale Ale. These big, splashy images are always a real treat– a chance to stretch out and “get loud” with the art. And Portland Brewery was a dream to work with. […]

Supergirl Watercolor Commission

I just finished this watercolor commission for a great fan. I’ve always had a liking for Supergirl, particularly after having had a run of issues a few years back. And being able to push some watercolor around is always a lot of fun. Plus, it gives me the chance to put in a word for […]

The Wonderful World of Color

Having made it to the end of my long fall convention trail, I’ve busied myself with getting back to producing pages for “The Volstock Payoff”, the current crime-noir-ish story running at trekkercomic.com. I still feel I’m getting used to the added task of coloring the series, but enjoying negotiating that learning curve. It remains a […]

Fall Convention Trail concludes this weekend

It’s been a very busy fall as I’ve traveled to several conventions in the region and around the country sharing the god news that is Trekker, and meeting many fans both newly-minted and long-time readers. I find each show extremely rewarding and inspiring– a great energizer, despite the time involved in preparations and travels. Meeting […]