I’m a comic book artist/storyboard artist/commercial illustrator with over thirty years’ experience. My clients include all the major American comics publishers, and businesses from Disney to Nike to Amazon. Click on the sliders above to see galleries of my work. Some of my most current projects are featured via the “projects” slider. You can contact me anytime at .

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New Sketchbook Makes its Convention Premiere at ECCC 2015!

Excited for NEXT WEEKEND, March 27-29 when ECCC takes over downtown Seattle! I will be there as always. My table will be part of the large Periscope Studio Island of tables, Booth 1214. On hand will be various Trekker goodies, original art, commissions upon request, and also the snazzy new Ron Randall Sketchbook, making its convention premiere!

I hope many of you can make the trip! Other convention appearances later in the year will include the Baltimore Comic-Con and Rose City Comic-Con. More about those and other appearances as the dates get closer.

Meanwhile, here’s the floor map for ECCC, with the vital Periscope Studio location appropriately highlighted:


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Trekker #1 Revisited

I just completed a very fun, somewhat challenging commission for a loyal Trekker fan. I was asked to “re-create” the cover of the first issue of Trekker, a work I had originally done for Dark Horse back in 1987. Other than the fan’s request that I include the terrific logo that John Workman came up with to replace the original one, the only changes I made were small ones– though perhaps interesting for those who like to peer closely. Small details in figure construction, a more subtle use of watercolor , simplifying the rendering a bit to more closely match the finish I go for these days– bolder and cleaner than back when I launched the series.

I took several snapshots as I worked through the many steps in the process– pencils, inks, transfers, masks, and the many color steps. Those are all gathered on my Patreon Page. If you are interested in tracing the evolution of the piece, and in giving a little on-going support to Trekker, you can check it all out here. Thanks!

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Fall Convention Season

Just finished the terrific Baltimore Comic Con, and looking ahead to RCCC in two short weeks! Here are some of the commissions from Baltimore– a fun collection! Plus, many great conversations with Trekker fans, both old and new. Hope to repeat both the experiences at Rose City. See you there!

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New Story: “Jekka” launching at


Thrilled to have both the Trekker Omnibus and the new TPB “The Train to Avalon Bay” out in print, we forge ahead with the next of Mercy St. Clair’s adventures at as Mercy becomes entangled with a desperate plan to get a young woman named Jekka out of the crosshairs of a team of enhanced assassins. Before it’s all over, Mercy and her followers will travel to the stars, and shift the balance of power in the entire System. At the same time, Mercy continues to undergo a personal, inward journey that will lead to equally profound internal changes. Climb aboard for the ride!

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Denver Comic Con 2014–June 13-15!

I doubt the Denver “Spaceport” will look quite like this YET when I arrive there next month for the Denver Comic Con– but I’m still looking forward to the trip. This will be my first professional visit to Colorado, and I’m looking forward to it tremendously! I’ll have both the brand-new TREKKER TPB, “The Train to Avalon Bay” and the TREKKER OMNIBUS on hand, as well as prints and original art. And I’ll be ready to sketch, sign and socialize. Hope to see many new faces!

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Trekker at ECCC 2014!!

Trekker will be in full-force at ECCC, March 28-30– and that calls for a brand-new, celebratory Trekker-centric convention banner! You’ll find it and me at Booth 1214, where I’ll be part of the whole Periscope Studio gang. On hand will be the Trekker Omnibus on sale, several posters, and hopes are high that some early advanced copies of the all-new “Train to Avalon Bay” TPB will be with us as well! Come by for some signing, a sketch or just some celebratin’ of the return of the adventures of Mercy St. Clair!

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Trekker in Trondheim, Norway!

I had the incredible good fortune to travel the the beautiful city of Trondheim, Norway last weekend, and there I had an appearance at the excellent comic shop, “Outland”! I brought my markers with me, so some fan sketching was part of the experience. Great to meet you, Martin! And thanks for having me, Kim! You run a first-rate store. Congrats.

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ECCC Kicks off another Convention Season, March 28-30!

I’m opening up my commissions list for the new convention season, which is fast approaching. For commissions arranged for in advance, I can offer watercolor as well. I will be at some familiar shows and some new ones this year. First up is the always-excellent Emerald City Comic Con, where I will be grouped with my fellow Periscope Studio artists. You can see me to get the latest in person on Trekker news and other projects I have in the works. I’ll post a more complete list of my upcoming shows shortly. As always I’ll be happy to sign and sketch. Hope to see you soon.

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Art Book Kickstarter Races to Successful Conclusion!

The Kickstarter has reached its goal! Yet there are a few hours left for you to take advantage of the opportunity to get high-quality art books from six terrific, exciting artist from the breadth of the comics world. They all just happen to be studio mates of lucky me! One of them is Ben Dewey, who drew the above image of the rest of the “first wave” artists to celebrate the reaching of out goal a few days back. Ben’s breathtaking technical skills and his subtle, delicious humor is on display in his wildly popular Tumblr Tragedy Series . And of course, in his own art book as well. Check out the rest of us on the Kickstarter site. And get in on some last-minute pledging offers, too! A mere $5 gets you digital copies of ALL SIX ART BOOKS!! If you have more to pledge, there are lots of levels and rewards to chose from , including a deluxe hardcover collection of all six books, and a sketch card from me!

And below, another celebratory piece, this by Aaron McConnell. Aaron’s work isn’t in our first wave, but by supporting our initial books, you can help to bring the rest of the equally excellent Periscope artists’ Art Books to print as the project continues. Thanks for all the support–!


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Samples from my Art Book!

The Periscope Studio Kickstarter for our series of Art Books is off to a terrific start. And to keep the momentum rolling, we’ve just added some great new pledging add-ons! Above are a few images from my own art book– rare and unpublished pieces that range from concept drawings to commissions to finished, full-color illustration. We are all very excited and proud to bring these art books to print– and you can help! Check out the many pledge packages and see much more at the Kickstarter page!

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