More Convention Antics!

Photo by Sarah Griffrow

Just back and fairly-well recovered from the Emerald City Comic-con, 2012 edition. I can’t say enough about how well-staged this show has been each and every year I have attended it. And this year was particularly exciting for me, as I was using the opportunity to talk about the return of Trekker to my drawing board after a too-long absence. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with so many interested fans and friends. On top of that, I was sharing the convention experience with my good friends and fellow-artists from Periscope Studio, some of the best people I know, as well as being amazingly talented. All-in-all, a top flight weekend.

Close on the heels of Emerald City comes Portland’s own Stumptown Comic Fest, April 28-29. I’ve been asked to appear on a couple of panels there and am looking forward to that. Stumptown is a unique and fun experience, full of very dedicated fans and students of the medium. I’ll have more details as the date gets closer!

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