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Bring your concepts vividly to life with crystal clear illustrations.

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  1. Beautiful illustrations Ron! My 14 year old son is quite the young artist and his style is similar to yours (although he’s not quite as talented as you yet). I’m going to show him your work as he likes to find inspiration in drawings like yours. He does a lot of sketches with pencil. Thanks!

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  2. Ron,
    As usual, amazing work. I never get tired of looking at your art. Keep it up. I especially like your drawing of Spock. ;-)

  3. lovely work… i appreciate it :)

  4. Hi Tony, Thanks for the kind words. most of the drawings you see here took some time. I always start with a quick, spontaneous sketch or two as I build a composition. Then it goes through steps of refinement till I reach the level of “finish” that a particular project requires.

  5. TJ Nelson Apr 13th 2011

    Really great art work. I have a nephew who loves to sketch and dabbles with graphic art, he will appreciate your work very much. Excellent work, good luck to you.

    TJ Nelson
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  6. Wow, Great Art work…. I like the car!!

  7. Nice art work. Very creative one. I like it. Thanks for the post and share!

  8. Hmm. Most of those titles ring a bell– but it’s been a long time for some of these! Unfortunately, I could find no images at the site, which would have helped me a lot to be sure one way or another, and I’m hesitant to give more than a tentative “probably” on most of the things on this list. But yes, I did work for those companies.

  9. :)

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