I’m currently happily engaged in the revival and return of Trekker, first through the website, where I have posted all the existing tales, some newly colored by the great Jeremy Colwell, and am now running all-new tales! The new tales are also currently appearing in issues of Dark Horse Presents. Dark Horse and I have also just published the Trekker Omnibus, the definitive 300+ page collection of all the original Trekker tales, plus the original covers, pin ups, posters and other rare features. We have also just released through Mark Waid’s excellent digital comics site Thrillbent the ground-breaking digital tale “City of the Dead” where Trekker teams up with Karl Kesel’s Johnny Zombie! The digital download form has plenty of extras, but the main treat is the use of the digital CLICK TO ADVANCE technique, a whole new spin on Comics storytelling! The Trekker website, and the Facebook Trekker Page are the best spots to keep current on Trekker developments. Other recent projects include the edgy western 13 Chambers for Twistory Publishing and illustrations and a cover for a noir-ish crime/fantasy story by author Doselle Young, a “Retro-active” issue of Justice League of America and the final issue of The Outsiders, both for DC Comics.

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