A Bounty of Art Books!

Periscope Studio is launching a Kickstarter Project to produce a series of Artbooks from each of our members! I am in the “first wave” of books. Each book features a wonderful selection of images, from fully-finished images to design sketches. We’ve all labored long and hard to come up with a handsome set of books that show the breadth and range of our work, and we are very proud of the results. We even made this snappy video:

Check it out!


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Victoria Show brings convention wanderings to a close– for now!

A couple weekends ago I had a fine time in Victoria BC at a Collectibles and Comics show. A group of Canadian cartoonists and myself created this “jam” piece at the show, which turned out pretty well, I think.

I’ve had a great and busy fall, traveling to four cons over the last two months to promote the Trekker Omnibus and the new Trekker stories appearing in Dark Horse Presents. I’ve been tremendously grateful for the enthusiastic response from fans at each show I attended– Baltimore, Rose City, New York, and Victoria. And now I’m looking forward to settling in again at the drawing board and covering a lot of ground. Several new projects are coming up, and of course the next Trekker story is also calling!

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New York Comic Con 2013 On the Way!

I’ll be at NYCC this year– the biggest Comics event on the East Coast, and an extraordinary show in countless ways. Find me at Table C6 in Artist Alley. As always, I’ll be eager to talk Trekker and comics in general. And– I can squeeze in another pre-order sketch or two, if you jump fast. See you at the show!

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Rose City Comic Con 2013

The second annual Rose City Comic Con was a great event– a huge turn-out of enthusiastic fans. For me: two days of non-stop conversations about… some sci-fi character I’ve been working on lately. Oh– and some fun commissions as well, viz:


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Convention Season means Commissions

This weekend sees the second annual Rose City Comic-Con in Portland– for which I created this She-Hulk commission. Rose City had a fantastic first show last year, and I’m looking forward to an even bigger and better event this year! I’ll be at the large Periscope Studio “island” of tables at space 1013.

And Oct 10-13 brings the massive, spectacular NYCC 2013! I’ll be in Artist Alley at table C6 to sketch, sign, chat and sell. And I’m taking on a limited number of sketches in advance of this show, with a watercolor option available. I’ve been enjoying reacquainting myself with watercolor after a long estrangement.

And of course there’s nothing wrong with a straight-forward ink sketch, occasionally enhanced with a touch of tone. This was done at the Baltimore Comic-Con earlier this month. Baltimore is an extremely well-run and fan-centric show, where the focus is clearly on comics and comic art. I can’t recommend it highly enough for any serious fan of the medium. Make your plans for next year accordingly!


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Rose City Comic-Con: Only Days Away!

Portland’s Rose City Comic-Con rolls out on Sept 21-22. I’ll be there at table 1013 along with many of my Periscope Studio mates. Come on by for some Trekker talk, a sketch, a poster, or a browse through my original art stack. I’m taking advance sketch orders, so get in touch if you’d like to arrange for your sketch early. And if you haven’t picked up a copy of the Omnibus yet– I’ll have a generous supply of them on hand as well.

In only its second year, RCCC has expanded greatly. It’s exciting to have such a vibrant, well-run show in town. See you there!

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Fall Convention season kicks off in Baltimore!

I’m pleased and honored to be a guest at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con. This will be my first year there as well as my first convention since the release of the Trekker Omnibus, so I’m pretty well stoked for a great time. Baltimore has begun a terrific event at the show. Each year they pick a fine creator-owned property and do a “Tribute Art Book” to it. This year they has chosen Stan Sakai’s classic Usagi Yojimbo! Trekker and Usagi Yojimbo share similar histories, both with long roots going back to the early days of Dark Horse comics. And Stan is both a great guy and a wonderful comics creator. So of course I had to find a way to put Mercy and the samurai bunny together:

If you make it to the show, be sure to pick up one of the books. And come by and say howdy!

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TREKKER Omnibus Release Party Report!

The Trekker Omnibus Dropped on Wednesday, August 7, and we celebrated the event with a rousing party at the great “Things From Another World” comic shop in Portland, Oregon. The book is available at comic shops everywhere and on line as well. It’s great to have Trekker back in print!


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Omnibus Release Comes on August 7!

The long-awaited Trekker Omnibus drops on August 7! A comprehensive 320+ page collection of Mercy’s adventures. Local Comic Shop “Things From Another World” is hosting a release party that evening from 7-10pm. All true-hearted Trekker fans are welcome to attend. Here are the TFAW details. Hope to see you there!

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Over-due update: Trekker Omnibus, Fall Conventions, Silence &Co GN

Lots going on! First, I just got my hands on the advanced copy of the mighty Trekker Omnibus, coming this August from Dark Horse (and me, of course). Over 320 pages, this collects all the existing Trekker stories, some in the original black and white, all scanned directly from the original art, some stories in brand-new color. It also features a terrific foreward by the one and only Gail Simone, and a “Skechbook” section displaying lots of rare and unseen Trekker images produced¬† over the years. I worked long and intensely with the folks at Dark Horse to make this package definitive, and I am super-happy with the results! You can pre-order it here, or find it in your favorite comic shop as of August 7, or get one direct from me at a convention appearance this fall. Speaking of which:

I am looking forward to my first appearance at the Baltimore Comic-Con, this September 7-8! This convention has a terrific reputation as being one of the best. Can’t wait to experience it. And I’ll also be at the also excellently-run Rose City Comic-Con in Portland later in Sept 21-22, so plenty of fun that month!

Lastly, a long time in the coming is the graphic novel Silence & Co that I’ve illustrated for Gur Beshemish and Crystal Publications. It’s a gloriously pulpy modern crime noir tale getting terrific reviews, and on sale now!

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