San Diego Ahoy!

Ron will indeed be at the San Diego ComicCon again this year. He will be installed immovably at table space FF17 in hallowed Artist Alley, selling original pages and doing convention sketches. If you are at the show, he hopes you will come by and say Hello. A word to the wise: Artist Alley is an oasis of relative calm in the storm that is ComicCon.

Full-color proposal art

While still busy working on the graphic novels “Silence & Co” and “Anne Steelyard”, Ron also recently executed this full-color piece of proposal art for a new client:project1_color_web4

Latest Anne Steelyard

Here are two of the latest pages from the upcoming Anne Steelyard Book 2 from Pennyfarthing Press.

Projects update



Here are two pages from the projects Ron has on the board at the moment: graphic novels “Silence & Co“, a crime action drama and “Anne Steelyard“, an adventure tale set in the deserts of the Middle East in 1909.