Trekker Panel at “Stumptown 2013”!

We held a rousing Trekker panel at this year’s Stumptown Comic Fest in Portland.  I traced the history of the series from its inception in the pages of Dark Horse Comics, through Mercy’s return via the Trekker website, and on  to the forthcoming  TREKKER OMNIBUS (with its terrific intro by comic’s great Gail Simone) and the brand new stories launching in Dark Horse Presents later this month. Plenty of ground to cover!











I was aided and abetted  by editor and panel moderator Jim Gibbons (center), who has helped immensely in making Trekker’s return to print as rewarding and successful as I could ever hope for, and by Trekker ‘s awesome colorist Jeremy Colwell (left).  Together,  we explored everything from the concept of “world-building” in sci-fi and fantasy to  the ground-breaking role Trekker had as an early female-driven action/adventure strip, to the crafting of Mercy’s character and the life-arc that  the series  is tracing. It took teamwork, I tell ya!

The time flew by, as it will when you are caught up in trying to convey your enthusiasm and commitment to a project as close to your heart  as Trekker is to mine. The crowd hung in there, offered some great questions , and stayed after for  more conversation. It was all terrifically rewarding.

After the panel the whole Team Trekker was joined by Dark Horse production ace, Allyson Willsey, who has worked with the same dedication as the rest of us to make Trekker’s return sparkle. All together,  great group of people to hang out with as well as to make comics with!

More Convention Antics!

Photo by Sarah Griffrow

Just back and fairly-well recovered from the Emerald City Comic-con, 2012 edition. I can’t say enough about how well-staged this show has been each and every year I have attended it. And this year was particularly exciting for me, as I was using the opportunity to talk about the return of Trekker to my drawing board after a too-long absence. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with so many interested fans and friends. On top of that, I was sharing the convention experience with my good friends and fellow-artists from Periscope Studio, some of the best people I know, as well as being amazingly talented. All-in-all, a top flight weekend.

Close on the heels of Emerald City comes Portland’s own Stumptown Comic Fest, April 28-29. I’ve been asked to appear on a couple of panels there and am looking forward to that. Stumptown is a unique and fun experience, full of very dedicated fans and students of the medium. I’ll have more details as the date gets closer!