Trekker Returns!

I am thrilled to announce that after a far-too-long absence, I am returning to Trekker, the series I created for Dark Horse back at the rise of the independent publishers. Today, I am launching the website, where I will be doing weekly posts of the adventures of Mercy St Clair. I will begin by posting the original stories as they first appeared and then continue on with all-new adventures. For long-time Trekker fans who are familiar with much of the existing work, I have some features on the site where I will be posting new or never-seen-before art, including some peeks at the pages of the first of the new stories that I am working on it right now.

Trekker has always remained the project closest to my heart. I feel it has always inspired my very best efforts. And based on the continuing inquiries I get about the series at every convention I attend, it seems to be my most memorable project to fans as well. I hope you’ll all check out the site, and enjoy the ride!

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